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Water’s Wisdoms is a waterproof picture frame that includes an inspirational message printed on waterproof paper. Our inserts are interchangeable with exclusive quotes and affirmations from accomplished mentors. Every three months new inserts will be released to choose from.

How it Works:

  • Select Your Frame Package with Insert
  • Purchase additional Inserts or Subscribe to receive 2 Inserts every season
  • When subscribed we email you 4 times a year to give you an opportunity to choose your 2 inserts from a new selection of inserts every season.

What you Receive:

  • A Frame with an Insert and adhesive to place frame on shower walls, mirrors, office walls, refrigerators…. you name it. Our frames are meant to be placed where you have those small moments of peace.
  • Seasonally choose from exclusive quotes written by inspirational contributors & mentors
  • New designer inserts to choose from 4 times a year.
  • Subscribe to receive 2 new inserts every season to keep you encouraged.
  • Affirmations in a place absent of all the noise in the world.


The shower is an escape from the noise and chaos in our busy lives from day to day. Whether you are getting revved up for the day or ending the day with peaceful meaningful reflection, the shower is a place for transformation and preparation. It is an oasis where we go to mediate, to pray, to recharge.

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Beyond Water

Water… and everywhere beyond.

The humble shower. The power of that daily ritual is often overlooked, taken for granted. Water’s Wisdoms was born here, and it will always represent our source of inspiration. But inspiration, by its very nature, isn’t limited to location…and neither are we. Take a look at the other places in your life that Water’s Wisdoms can offer a quiet moment of reflection, power, grace, and hope.

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Our Team

Our team at Water’s Wisdoms grew up in the mountains and we understand the effect water can have on our minds and spirits. It is our mission to help bring the power of positive thinking to one place the water surrounds you each and every day, your shower.

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