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Water’s Wisdoms is a monthly subscription to exclusive quotes and affirmations from your chosen motivational mentor, for an entire year, that adhere to your shower wall.

How it Works:

  • Select the series that you want to receive each month
  • Select your frame color
  • Subscribe to receive a new message each month

What you Receive:

  • Exclusive quotes written by inspirational contributors & mentors
  • A new designer insert ships every 30 days to keep you encouraged
  • Affirmations in a place absent of all the noise in the world, your shower
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The shower is an escape from the noise and chaos in our busy lives from day to day. Whether you are getting revved up for the day or ending the day with peaceful meaningful reflection, the shower is a place for transformation and preparation. It is an oasis where we go to mediate, to pray, to recharge.

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Why Water?

Whether it’s the power to cleanse your mind and spirit or the power to come out stronger and more confident than the day before – the shower is your place of solitude. Falling water; a call to action, pure heart, and pure spirit.

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Our Team

Our team at Water’s Wisdoms grew up in the mountains and we understand the effect water can have on our minds and spirits. It is our mission to help bring the power of positive thinking to one place the water surrounds you each and every day, your shower.

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