Water’s Wisdoms is a small town Colorado-based business.

Growing up in the mountains we have experienced how the power of rivers, lakes, and streams can cleanse your mind and spirit. We understand the importance of being grounded into nature and we know that for most people their everyday lives do not allow them the rush of a river or the crash of the ocean. But the shower is a place that we can let the water rush over our bodies and help us re-center and focus on our best self.

Sometimes you simply let the water wash over you and let it cleanse you from the day. Other times your mind is unable to slow down going over your list of 5,000 things to do. And somedays you just break down and cry. That is how Water’s Wisdoms was born. We wanted to find a way to turn that precious time away from all the outside noise and electronics into a few seconds of self-reflection.

Born in the water but can be used anywhere. Find that place in your home or office that brings you the most peace and add a Water’s Wisdoms frame.

Our goals, our minds, our lives are constantly changing, which is why Water’s Wisdoms offers a variety of inserts.

In order to create a unique experience with our inserts we were honored to team up with some incredible motivators.

Joe & Sierra Anglim: Professional cowgirl and model from Utah, Sierra Dawn Thomas first met an artist from Arizona, Joe Anglim on the TV show CBS Survivor season 30. Joe and Sierra Dawn both had another opportunity to play Survivor (Sierra Dawn playing in 34, Joe reappearing in seasons 31 and 38) and this led to other TV opportunities as well. Through their life-changing experiences, they have developed a great appreciation for one another and the simple more meaningful things in life.

Mark Eaton: Mark Eaton is passionate about bringing thoughtful, reflective, honest and practical messages of hope and grace around the country. He has a 35-year history in Non-Profit & Ministry efforts, and currently manages the music career of his wife, gospel singer, Susie McEntire. Mark understands the challenges of balancing the many facets of our lives in a demanding world. His content is encouraging to all of us in the midst of juggling family, work, finances, and relationships.

Kelly Stamps: Kelly Stamps is a wife, mom of 3 and blogger. Her faith is the thing she most wants to share with those around her. She works part-time for a nonprofit ministry and is active in her local church. Her line of Wisdom Inserts includes Bible verses that inspire her daily but especially lift her up in times of need.

Kirstie Ennis: Kirstie Ennis’s story may have begun when she lost her leg after her helicopter went down in Afghanistan, but it certainly doesn’t end there. After more than 40 surgeries and the amputation of her leg first below and then above the knee after a life-threatening infection, the former Marine sergeant has accomplished more at 29 years old than most people have achieved in their lifetimes. Ennis has turned the concept of “disabled athlete” on its head, proving how capable she still is, whether it’s on one leg or two. From snowboarding to mountain climbing, kayaking to crossfitting, check out her organization here and learn more about this amazing woman.

First Descents: The organization provides life-changing adventures for young adults impacted by cancer and other serious health conditions. The First Descents line of Wisdom Inserts is filled with quotes from First Descent's staff and cancer survivors. Motivational messages and affirmations from people who truly inspire with their courage and determination.

Veteran Quotes: The Veteran line of quotes is full of inspirational affirmations and messages provided by the brave Veteran's that have served the United States. These veterans understand what it takes to motivate daily and how to be the best they can be.

Equine Professionals: The inserts from the Equine Line of quotes and affirmations are written by equine professionals varying from a variety of disciplines. NFR contestants, Olympians, equestrian performers, coaches and trainers. These motivational messages combined with breathtaking equine photographs will be sure to inspire and capture the true essence of our passion for horses.

Our three founders: Mandy, Lynnzie, & Kelly.