Water’s Wisdoms is a small town Colorado-based business.

Growing up in the mountains we have experienced how the power of rivers, lakes, and streams can cleanse your mind and spirit. We understand the importance of being grounded into nature and we know that for most people their everyday lives do not allow them the rush of a river or the crash of the ocean. But the shower is a place that we can let the water rush over our bodies and help us re-center and focus on our best self.

As 3 working moms raising boys we were trying, as so many moms do, to embrace the chaos of our lives. Self-love is a huge part of being a good spouse, parent, student, leader, and employee.

But finding the time to focus on these positive thoughts and affirmations was a struggle. The one consistent was our alone time in the shower.

Sometimes you simply let the water wash over you and let it cleanse you from the day. Other times your mind is unable to slow down going over your list of 5,000 things to do. Once in a while, you come up with random thoughts like who came up with the idea of cross-pollinating oranges and tangerines. And somedays you just break down and cry. Either way, a lot of thoughts take place in the shower. We wanted to find a way to turn that precious time away from all the outside noise and electronics into a few seconds of self-reflection.

Our company will provide consistent, regular healing and inspirational quotes initiated and created by ambitious and successful leaders. These quotes coupled with positive imagery, placed in a frame secured to the shower wall will be embraced by individuals seeking daily assertions to be the best version of themselves..

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