Application of Frame to Shower Wall

  1. Choose a visible spot on your shower wall away from the direct shower stream.
  2. Clean and dry the area. Wiping with rubbing alcohol is helpful.
  3. Apply double-sided adhesive tape to each of the four areas marked by “X’s” on the back of the frame. See diagram below.
  4. Use your fingernail and tweezers to pull of protective wrap on the backside of each strip of tape.
  5. Press firmly on your shower wall and slide in the included insert at top off the frame.
What happens if I move or want to move my frame and my tape is no longer sticky?

You’re in luck, we sell additional tape kits in our shop

I moved my frame and the adhesive tape left residue, how do I clean it?

We have not experienced the adhesive tape leaving any residue. However, in the case that it does leave residue, rubbing alcohol or finger nail polish remover should remove any residue.

Preparing the Frame:

Installing the Frame:

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Charity Collaborations

Water’s Wisdoms focuses on charity collaborations with our Wisdom mentors. A percentage of proceeds each quarter from our subscription series will go to the organization O.U.R Rescue.

Learn More about O.U.R Rescue here: