One of the four essential elements of life,
water is vital to all living things.

Water is amazing, it changes its shape and molds to your body. Embracing you with cleansing powers. Covering you from head to toe, washing away the stress of the day. Washing away the negativity that we encounter throughout the daily grind. The power of water demands our respect, and yet it’s calming, healing and cleansing properties are unmatched. Where do you go to find peace? So many times we run to the ocean, to lakes, and to rivers. We hike to waterfalls and find solace in the secluded creek. In the cities, we go to fountains or spas and listen to water trickle down. It is a sense of calm for many, a way of grounding us.

Water can also be powerful. The waves of the ocean crashing on the shore. A river cutting its way through the Earth’s surface leaving canyons in its place. But not all of our days are spent chasing waterfalls or walking the beaches listening to the waves. We have to utilize the one moment we are surrounded by water.

Self-improvement is something so many of us strive for, to continue growing and setting goals. This world is fast paced and many days we don’t have the time to truly take a step back and set our intentions for the day.

But most days we get a shower. Somedays it’s a quick rinse off and other days it’s a bit more of a soak. It can be your one chance to take a couple of minutes or seconds to remind ourselves of our goals, our purpose, our love for both ourselves and others.

It is that 20 seconds that nobody is screaming at us to pay attention through the tv, through social media, through the expectations that we put on ourselves. The shower drowns out those yells. It’s like rain on a tin roof for our brains. It clears our minds, opens up our souls and allows us to be still for 5 seconds, 10 seconds if we’re lucky a minute. We open our eyes and see our reminder on the wall. Be better, do better, spread love, and love yourself. And you smile. The tension leaves your shoulders, if only for a minute. You set your intentions for you to be happy, to be productive. You focus on what is important to you. Making your dreams become a reality. Harnessing the energy of the water into your mindset, your mood, your life.

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