One of the four essential elements of life,
water is vital to all living things.

The power of water. All at once gentle, raging, life-giving, planet-altering. Our relationship with it is one of dependence, adoration, and respect. We seek out waterfalls, beaches, lakes, and rivers for restoration and relaxation…a reminder that we ourselves aren’t the most powerful force present.

But most of us can’t spend our days finding waterfalls or walking the beaches. Life is a grind, and we have to make the most of the one moment we find ourselves surrounded by water - the shower. It’s a chance to wash away not only the physical dirt of the day, but the negativity and burdens it brings as well. It is in that brief span of time that we have the chance to disconnect from screens, expectations and demands. This is where Water’s Wisdoms was born.

We believe wholeheartedly that in that calming - yet vulnerable - moment, our openness to a message of hope and inspiration is greatest. But the need for those messages know no time or place, so our reach has expanded.

Water’s Wisdoms may have found its roots in the shower, but the spirit of it has moved beyond to other everyday life places: bathroom mirrors, office walls, kitchen windows, refrigerator doors. Life changes, and so does Water’s Wisdoms.

Where will you find your moment of empowerment and peace?